Service Catalog

I offer all kinds of development and programming services for your new or existing website.

Adobe AEM

I can develop customized Adobe AEM components for your existing website or help you create your AEM website from scratch.

Angular & AngularJS

Experience with single page applications (SPA) written in AngularJS and Angular frameworks. Experience with authenticated and non-authenticated systems.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Certified professional with work experience with Lambda, DynamoDB, API Gateway, Cloudwatch, RDS, EC2, S3 and others. I can help you build/move your on premises infrastructure to the cloud.

Java & PHP

I am both Java and PHP certified professional, with many years of experience creating APIs, services and libraries. Can develop following the latest standards using Design Patterns, Unit Tests and Clean Code.

WordPress & E-commerce

I can help you building your WordPress websites (including WooCommerce) by installing it, selecting a theme, choosing plugins, writing content, making it design resposive and browser compatible.

Software architecture

Experience with software architecture. Let me hear your history and I can validate if your project is in the right direction or if needs improvement in architecture, infrastructure, ideas, tools.

Customer needs are my priority

  • Organized and scheduled oriented professional being able to plan and deliver on time;
  • Fast communication and feedback, with messages being answered in less than 24 hours;
  • Focus on continuous delivery, in which we agree and select what will have more value to the costumer;
  • I work to make the greatest relationship with clients, so we can keep working again in the future. I am interested in long term relationship work;
  • Lots of flexibility in communication and agreements, combined with high quality work;
  • Can work on weekends if needed as long as previously agreed.

Fullstack development

  • I can make changes to your existing website. Able to work in a bunch of areas: frontend, backend, apis, servers, integrations, content management, performance tunning, error debugging, cloud and so on;
  • For the creation of new applications or websites you can choose the technology stack, if you want, and I will do the job;
  • Development with the Adobe AEM CMS platform or WordPress CMS. I can develop components for your Adobe AEM website or customize your WordPress pages;
  • Development with the AWS platform (Amazon Web Services). I can create Lambda applications that uses DynamoDB, API Gateway, RDS, SQS and many others;
  • Make your web application scale. I can provide solutions that will make your web application scale to the number of users you have. For example, I can work with database tuning, implementation of a caching system, the use of queues to process assynchronous tasks. I can also migrate your stack to a serverless or microservice architecture if needed;
  • I have lots of experience with development in general. So, contact me if you need any work related to development. I understand a lot about programming languages, server maintenance, server debug, scalable architecture, databases (e.g. Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server and Postgre), caching (e.g. Memcached, Redis), document search (e.g. Apache Solr, Lucene), NoSQL (e.g. MongoDB, DynamoDB), queues (e.g. RabbitMQ, Amazon SQS) and so on.