Fernando Hidemi Uchiyama

Highly experienced professional with more than 18 years of development background, including 3 years of IT in Tokyo, Japan.

I consider myself to be a full stack developer because I have made my career working with different languages like Java and PHP and, recently, I have been coding lots of Javascript, NodeJS and AngularJS. I work with frontend and backend doing a variety of things ranging from CSS and HTML to API integration with ERP systems. I have also been working with different databases like Oracle, MySQL and PostgreSQL. In my last job, I had the opportunity to work with tools such as Solr, Memcache, Redis, MongoDB, Kibana, cloud with AWS and so on.

My career is currently focused on applying the DevOps mindset to work environment, in other words, everything that can be done to improve the IT department performance. I believe that using specific methodologies and tools we can improve delivery by decreasing lead time, automating deploys, writing centralized application logs and monitoring.

Besides being a programmer, I am also capable of doing system analysis. I have always been programming in my previous jobs, but in some of these jobs I had the opportunity to do requirement analysis, usability analysis, functional specification, technical documentation, tests, operations manual and homologation plan and execution.

I can also deal with stakeholders and serve as a bridge with IT and business areas. Because of my strong experience with programming, I am usually able to anticipate problems and elaborate a good schedule and planning.

I can use contrasting methodologies like agile and waterfall so I can say that I understand the benefits of all of them. In all these years, I have worked in multidisciplinary teams of different cultures and languages making it easier to me to adapt.